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Co-ops for a Better World Chairman Brings Message to the Colorado Shared Ownership Summit

November 8, 2018

CCA Global CEO & Co-ops for a Better World Chairman Howard Brodsky Brings Message of the Power of Industry Co-ops to the Colorado Shared Ownership Summit

Boulder, CO – Business owners and entrepreneurs from across Colorado gathered in November to collaborate at the Shared Ownership Summit at the University of Colorado. The Summit highlighted the strength and diversity of shared ownership models in the state, from farmer co-ops to online platforms and showcased the recent launch by founder and chairman of Cooperatives for a Better World, Howard Brodsky and his team of, an online directory of Colorado co-ops that includes educational resources for co-op businesses in order to help grow the inclusive economy.

While there were representatives from traditional co-op industries like credit unions, rural utilities and agriculture, the majority of attendees were small business entrepreneurs who are either running or forming co-ops across a variety of industries. Investment clubs, software developers, freelance digital marketers and health and wellness businesses came to learn more about leveraging the co-op model, which Brodsky has championed for more than 25 years and continues to do so through his work as co-CEO of CCA Global Partners, Inc.

Brodsky spoke about the extraction economy and how co-ops can put power and hope back into the hands of workers. “There are two types of poverty – there’s poverty of economy and there is poverty of hope where you just don’t see a future in what you can do because there is top down control. But cooperatives are inclusive economies – they empower people, they give people hope. When you own something, you have hope because you have a stake in what’s going on,” he said.

Brodsky and his team recently launched, an online directory of Colorado co-ops that includes educational resources for co-op businesses in order to help grow the inclusive economy that Brodsky spoke about. The goal of the website is to educate consumers and employees, engage members and better serve communities, all while raising awareness of the cooperative business model.

8N9A0555.jpgBrodsky pictured in the Wittemeyer Courtroom at the University of Colorado

“Worldwide there are more than a billion people who are active members or employees of a co-op business, but these businesses don’t often work together across sectors. is the first to create a co-op community where members from a variety of co-ops can collaborate, share business practices and resources and strengthen the communities they serve,” Brodsky said.

CCA Global Partners, which Brodsky founded in Manchester, New Hampshire, is a privately held cooperative based in the United States with member businesses in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. For a quarter of a century, CCA Global has partnered with entrepreneurial business people to create a cooperative powerhouse unmatched in the marketplace. With 15 independent business brands and more than 2,800 locations, CCA Global is well positioned to positively impact the success of independent businesses.

About Cooperatives for a Better World is brought to you by Cooperatives for a Better World, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that helps unite the many cooperative enterprises around the world to strengthen their positive impact. Empowering global communities with ownership and voice in the businesses that shape their lives, the cooperative business model is a mode of sustainable job and wealth creation in today’s society. Cooperatives for a Better World seeks to share this story with the world.