Training Materials

How Co-ops Work: Dynamic Infographic

Learn how co-ops operate, their economic impact, and what sets them apart. Shareable with all audiences!

Building a Better World…Toward 2020

There’s a better way to live, work, give, prosper, connect, shop, bank, and grow - through cooperatives.

How to Easily Answer the Question, “What is a Cooperative?”

This video helps guide your answer when asked the question, “What is a cooperative?”

Send Us Your Information for the Co-op Locator

Learn how to share information about your co-op(s) to be included in the Co-op Locator!

Who Are We? We Are Cooperatives!

We are cooperatives coming together to share our stories with the world.

Before We Begin, We Must Come Together!

Help spread the cooperative message.

We Are Cooperatives – Customizable Documents

Begin to tell your cooperative’s story by sharing who you are.

Create Your 60-Second Pitch

Create you co-op’s pitch to explain who you are and what you do.

Find a Co-op

Find a cooperative in your industry or in your region, 
and join the cooperatives movement.