The Vision

In a world with a widening wealth gap, cooperatives combat this trend by empowering individuals, families, and communities with ownership in the businesses that shape their lives. Cooperatives for a Better World exists to unite the many cooperative enterprises around the world. In cooperation with the International Co-operative Alliance, we are promoting the cooperative business model as a mode of sustainable job and wealth creation.

Coming Together

Cooperatives for a Better World is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization. We are a network of cooperative leaders and influencers from different sectors of the economy and all corners of the world sharing our cooperative identity and the difference it makes in our local, national, and global story.

Our Non-Profit

National Connection

Cooperatives for a Better World delivers training, media, materials, and social connections to improve people’s understanding of the cooperative business model. In the United States, national associations, leading cooperative businesses, and individuals alike are coming together to share their success in making a difference in their communities.

Global Partnership

The cooperative business model has no borders and neither does our mission. The International Cooperative Alliance is facilitating the sharing and adoption of Cooperatives for a Better World’s messaging and materials in countries around the world. Together, we will support the growth of cooperatives for the benefit of all.

Meet the Board of Directors

Liz Bailey, Principal, The Bailey Group; Howard Brodsky, Co-CEO & Chairman, CCA Global Partners; Martin Lowery, Exec VP of Member & Association Relations, NRECA; Ed Mayo, Secretary General, Cooperatives UK; Chuck Snyder, Pres & CEO, NCB; John Venhuizen, Pres & CEO, Ace Hardware.