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Farmers vs. Gamers: A Tale of Friendly Competition on the Farm

April 18, 2017

Global electronics and video game company Nintendo recently came out with the Nintendo Switch gaming console that includes a brand new game called 1-2-Switch. Farmers at Billings Farm & Museum, a Cabot Creamery Co-operative farm family from Woodstock, Vermont, caught wind of the cow milking mini-game of 1-2-Switch. Eager to test it out, the farmers soon found that the cow milking simulation took “all the challenge out of milking!” They wrote Nintendo a letter challenging them to try their hand at real-life cow milking. Pitted against some of the finest dairy farmers in America, Nintendo accepted the challenge!

On March 29th, 2017, representatives from Nintendo travelled across the country, from sunny northern California to chilly rural Vermont, to show off their talents. They received instruction from Billings Farm & Museum farmers about how to properly milk a cow, and then gave it a try themselves. A virtual cow milking challenge then ensued, with farmers versus gamers seeing who could get the most milk out of the virtual cows on the 1-2-Switch game.

Sitting face to face, video game controller to video game controller, the showdown began. By the end of the day, the Nintendo representatives were certainly not farming experts, but their gaming talents did shine through in the virtual cow milking contest. In a truly cooperative spirit, the gamers and farmers parted ways with more understanding of one another’s lives, including the true dedication and hard work that dairy farming requires. Check out the video of the epic day when gamers and farmers came face to face at Billings Farm & Museum below, and read Valley News’ wonderful recap of the day’s festivities!


Billings Farm & Museum is one of the 1,200 New England and New York-based farm families that collectively own the Cabot Creamery Co-operative. Known for its award-winning cheeses and other dairy products, Cabot’s farm families are at the heart of the cooperative’s operations. Many (including Billings Farm & Museum!) gladly welcome the public on tours, family activities, farm and museum visits, and more. Find your local Cabot farm family today and stop by to see if your cow milking skills are up to par!