Passionately Devoted to Helping Local Communities

Because cooperatives are so connected to their communities, they make a big impact by giving back. In fact, cooperatives in the United States have contributed to the 270,000 community service hours logged in the past four years through Reward Volunteers.

Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility

Cooperatives go beyond corporate social responsibility. They are actively engaged in the communities where they do business. The owners of cooperatives are members of the community and have a vested interest in making the community stronger. For cooperatives, it’s about doing what is right and not just about checking corporate social responsibility off the company to-do list.

Read our stories below to see just how much cooperatives care.

One Million Acts of Kindness to Build a Better World

#Coops4Kindness Campaign Exceeds it Goal Across the United States #Coops4Kindness united co-op businesses, credit unions, and their communities to complete one million acts of kindness by the end of October, 2018. The movement not only achieved this goal, it exceeded with over 1.4 million total acts of kindness. In an effort to help spread a…

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Reward Volunteers

62 million people volunteer in their communities each year! Volunteerism not only provides organizations much needed help and support, but the volunteers report feeling happier, healthier, and less stressed. Happier individuals living in communities with well-supported organizations leads to thriving communities. Reward Volunteers celebrates people who make communities stronger. Through Reward Volunteers, anyone can log the…

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Concern for Community: CoBank

Concern for Community is the Seventh Co-operative Principle. CoBank, a national cooperative bank based out of Denver, Colorado, is no exception to this. CoBank services the agribusiness, water, communications, and power industries across rural America by providing them with loans, leases, export financing, and other financial services. It is also a member of the Farm…

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Food Co-op Nourishes Communities with 100,000+ Acts of Kindness

Big box stores, large franchises, and chains have the resources to reach a massive amount of customers when they move into a neighborhood – but how do they contribute to their communities beyond their store walls? The East End Food Co-op is a member-owned, full service natural and organic food store that provides nutritious meals…

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Inspiring Youth Success, One Friendship At A Time

For children of all ages, friendship with mentors provides an avenue for growth, trust-building, inspiration, and confidence; and for mentors, it offers the chance to make a huge difference in children’s lives. Big Brothers Big Sisters is the nation’s largest donor and volunteer supported mentoring network, and its New Hampshire affiliate program (Big Brothers Big…

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