Passionately Devoted to Helping Local Communities

Because cooperatives are so connected to their communities, they make a big impact by giving back. In fact, cooperatives in the United States have contributed to the 270,000 community service hours logged in the past four years through Reward Volunteers.

Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility

Cooperatives go beyond corporate social responsibility. They are actively engaged in the communities where they do business. The owners of cooperatives are members of the community and have a vested interest in making the community stronger. For cooperatives, it’s about doing what is right and not just about checking corporate social responsibility off the company to-do list.

Read our stories below to see just how much cooperatives care.

Farmers vs. Gamers: A Tale of Friendly Competition on the Farm

Global electronics and video game company Nintendo recently came out with the Nintendo Switch gaming console that includes a brand new game called 1-2-Switch. Farmers at Billings Farm & Museum, a Cabot Creamery Co-operative farm family from Woodstock, Vermont, caught wind of the cow milking mini-game of 1-2-Switch. Eager to test it out, the farmers…

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Co-ops Inspired Hope During the Recession

On April 6, 2009, as the global economy continued to decline and the financial crisis grew, a glimmer of hope appeared in a long feature published in the New York Times about cooperative businesses. Within the 4-page-long feature, cooperatives were described as the “epitome of democracy” by Roberta MacDonald, Senior Vice President of Marketing for…

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5 Ways that Women Lead and Succeed in Cooperatives

Since the very first modern-day cooperative business was established in Europe in 1844, women and men were given equal opportunity to hold membership in the co-op, vote for its leadership, and serve on its board of directors (Cooperative Heritage Trust 2017). This occurred years before women were given the right to vote in the US…

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When Values Drive Business Practices: Frontier Co-op’s Story

Frontier Co-op has grown tremendously since its start as a two-person operation in 1976, to become a major supplier of natural products in the United States. USDA certified organic, Fair Trade Certified products, herbs, spices, aromatherapy products, and teas are just some of the product lines Frontier Co-op offers. The Co-op has consistently upheld an…

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Students Lead and Succeed at GUASFCU

Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union (GUASFCU) was established almost 35 years ago in order to provide financial services to its members as well as offer valuable business experience for its volunteers. Over half of the student and alumni population at Georgetown choose to do their banking with GUASFCU, and students apply for…

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