Passionately Devoted to Helping Local Communities

Because cooperatives are so connected to their communities, they make a big impact by giving back. In fact, cooperatives in the United States have contributed to the 270,000 community service hours logged in the past four years through Reward Volunteers.

Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility

Cooperatives go beyond corporate social responsibility. They are actively engaged in the communities where they do business. The owners of cooperatives are members of the community and have a vested interest in making the community stronger. For cooperatives, it’s about doing what is right and not just about checking corporate social responsibility off the company to-do list.

Read our stories below to see just how much cooperatives care.

Co-op Disaster Recovery Fund Provides Hope to Many

The National Cooperative Business Association & the Cooperative Development Foundation join forces with Cooperatives for a Better World to share #Coops4Kindness in 2018. In wake of current events and recent natural disasters, what the world needs now is kindness. Acts of kindness go a long way toward building a better world, starting now! The team…

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Kindness is Woven into This Co-op’s Business Practices: NCG’s Story

Ever think about how ‘kind’ your grocery store is? Well, check out this group of community-owned food co-ops! National Co+op Grocers (NCG) is a cooperative network of 148 food co-ops – grocery stores that are owned by the people who shop there. Anyone can shop at a food co-op, just like a regular grocery store,…

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BLUE HAWK Gives Back through Kindness Campaign

BLUE HAWK is not simply a Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) distributor business; it is a cooperative! BLUE HAWK is a cooperative of 227 independent member-owners operating 1438 locations across the United States. BLUE HAWK’s cooperative structure allows independent businesses to use their combined purchasing power to gain competitive pricing for the goods…

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Celebrating World Environment Day the Cooperative Way

Today is World Environment Day, designed by the United Nations to inspire all of us to take a moment to appreciate our collective home. World Environment Day is the perfect time to celebrate the earth and its many resources that support us. Today, the UN asks that we take action to preserve the environment and…

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5 Ways Co-ops Support Veterans

While reflecting this Memorial Day, we are reminded of the many sacrifices that service men and women make to protect our country. We are forever indebted to them for their bravery in putting the needs of their country and fellow citizens above their own. Co-ops, as mission-driven organizations, show their concern for community in many unique…

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