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BLUE HAWK Gives Back through Kindness Campaign

October 4, 2017

BLUE HAWK is not simply a Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) distributor business; it is a cooperative! BLUE HAWK is a cooperative of 227 independent member-owners operating 1438 locations across the United States. BLUE HAWK’s cooperative structure allows independent businesses to use their combined purchasing power to gain competitive pricing for the goods and services they use, pass those savings along to customers, and ultimately compete against retail giants. What’s the best part about BLUE HAWK? Every independent member has ownership and say in the co-op!

BLUE HAWK is a member-focused network of community-anchored businesses that, together, never miss an opportunity to be kind and give back to the people and communities they serve. Since 2012, the BLUE HAWK co-op members have logged over 2400 volunteer hours.


In 2017, kindness overflowed from the efforts of BLUE HAWK Gives Back. Working with Joshua Station, an organization that helps families move from homelessness to stable housing and self-sufficiency, BLUE HAWK Gives Back completed some serious renovations at Joshua Station’s offices – including the community room, staff offices, and counseling rooms. BLUE HAWK volunteers donated 138 hours of their time to this single project to propel this organization forward and help families get back on their feet. Through BLUE HAWK’s efforts, Joshua Station was able to move into their new space a month earlier than planned.

Now, BLUE HAWK cooperative is gearing up for 2018 in a big way. BLUE HAWK is joining #Coops4Kindness, an effort by cooperatives across the US to complete 1 million acts of kindness by October 2018. Kindness is woven into BLUE HAWK’s mission and actions – as a cooperative network of thoughtful community members. With a strong history of giving back, BLUE HAWK is pledging its support for and participation in #Coops4Kindness in 2018!