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Co-op Disaster Recovery Fund Provides Hope to Many

October 4, 2017

The National Cooperative Business Association & the Cooperative Development Foundation join forces with Cooperatives for a Better World to share #Coops4Kindness in 2018.

In wake of current events and recent natural disasters, what the world needs now is kindness. Acts of kindness go a long way toward building a better world, starting now! The team effort of these three organizations and cooperatives across the United States aims to complete 1 million acts of kindness by October 2018.

There are a million ways to share kindness, but the natural disasters that have hit recently call for another level of effort. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria have upended the lives of hundreds of thousands of residents in Puerto Rico, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and the Caribbean. The destruction seems insurmountable, but people are not easily discouraged… especially those with a cooperative behind them. The Cooperative Development Foundation has coordinated a Cooperative Disaster Recovery Fund wherein 100% of donations go to disaster recovery efforts.

Act Now – consider donating to the Cooperative Disaster Recovery Fund at The world desperately needs kindness; pledge your acts of kindness today!