A Better World

Cooperatives combat the widening wealth gap by empowering global communities with ownership and voice in the businesses that shape their lives.

Did You Know?

Cooperatives empower people, strengthen communities, and create jobs – in fact, over 2.1 million jobs in the U.S. alone.

Cooperatives enable individuals to live better lives.

What if…

  • the way we conduct our business could fundamentally reshape our future?
  • money earned in a community stayed in that community?
  • people were as important as the bottom line?

What if we stopped saying “what if” and instead chose cooperatives as the business model of choice in your community and around the world? What if, through cooperatives, we chose to create a better world?

What Is A Cooperative?

A cooperative is a values-based business, owned by and operated for the benefit of the people at the heart of the organization, not outside investors. Cooperatives are structured around seven principles deeply rooted in democracy, economic participation, and sustainable growth of both the businesses and communities they serve.

30 Thousand Cooperatives

Cooperatives in the United States are successful in many industries. They look like any other business but are actually very different.

120 Million Members

Ownership matters; and co-op members own their businesses. This makes a positive difference in daily operations, profitable growth, and the culture of the business.

Join a Cooperative Near You

Find a cooperative in your industry or in your region, and join the cooperatives movement.

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